Someone posted this on fb and everyone laughs

Someone on my wall posted this and said it was given to him at a restaurant. Everyone thinks it's hilarious. But I can just imagine if a white person did something similar (obviously not talking about being hung.) The Internet would explode, restaurant would be sued and shut down. This country is insane. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

That's just lame Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_REMEMBER MY NAME - How bout you take this back to Facebook and bitch about it there. Phone Post 3.0

How about you take it back to Pakistan you dirty Arab hillbilly.

I guess it's funny but it definitely isn't something to get upset about. Don't stoop to a level that gets mad over shit like this because a certain group gets mad over shit like this. Life is short... Don't waste it being mad about little dick jokes. Phone Post 3.0

Dicks restaurant. Been there.

My hat said, "banned from petting zoos". Phone Post 3.0

Leave the bitchin to the blacks, gays, trannies and SJW's bro.

You're better than this. Phone Post 3.0

Good points, dudes. Thanks for slapping me back to reality. Phone Post 3.0

The entire premise of the restaurant is offensive humor & behavior, retard.

BarkLikeADog - The entire premise of the restaurant is offensive humor & behavior, retard.
This exactly. Phone Post 3.0

Full review of restaurant from fellas that have gone.


Humor? I thought his hat was outstanding.

Food? Generic?

Dicks Last resort.  Chain restaurant mostly in tourist destinations.  The food is pretty mediocRe at best and overpriced.  It's they're waiters and waitresses talk shit to you and they give you those  Stupid hats.  I would recommend this restaurant only if you like Larry the cable guy and nascar

This ^^^ is logical, reasonable, and well-written. Expect to be frozen from VTFDs. Phone Post 3.0