Someplace to watch Glory 11 online?

Jason Reinhardt - This GLORY show was incredible. We had a fighter from my gym fighting on the card, Quartus Stitt, but the fight was pulled last min. due to "at the venue physical" He has to come home and have a small surgery. Very very disappointing, because Quartus is just coming off a nice KO head kick at the XFO MMA in Chicago about a month ago and we had him all "trained up" ready to go! We hope GLORY will have him back.

Sorry to hear the bad news. On a side note, do you have a young english guy training at your gym? My work colleague has his son training in Chicago and said one of the guys from his gym was on the card.

Get Spong on the JRE! Phone Post 3.0

Jason, we were devestated to see Quartus not be able to take that fight.  Lardy and I busted our butts to get him to the right eye doc.  Hopefully he can his surgery done this week and compete on our December 13th show.  

Joe Rogan, we co-promoted the event with Glory so if they can't get it to you, I've got it ready to send.  


That event was amazing. Sub'd for links so I can re watch the tournament. Phone Post 3.0

you can watch the spong/carnage fight from my front row seat:

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