something alot of u miss in sherk

is his exceptional defense while standing and punching. sherk has really good defense standing blocking punches and getting inside and flurrying with uppercuts and straight punches.

the guy hardly ever gets hit and when he does its not a hard enough shot to do anything to him.

no way does hermes land some garbage overhand on sherk.

Sherk will blow through him like shit through a goose mark my words.

Sherk will blow through him like beer farts at a barbq mark my words.

Yeah, he's got tight defense. Never lets 'em down.

I think Kenny Florian put up a good fight against Sherk.. everyone makes Sherk out to be this unstoppable force.. I believe that Sherk has good takedowns and amazing cardio/endurance but I don't think that this fight will be a walk in the park by any means..

He has some of the best boxing in the LW division. If MMA was boxing he would never lose.

He has real solid defense and his hands are always high, you can see him adjust after every exchange when standing. You are going to need a GSP type game plan to beat him and it is going to be hard for anyone at 155 to do that.

Sherk does have really good defense standing. I agree that overhands are not the way to win against him.

I don't think anyone believes Kenflo is better than Hermes.

He's the only guy I've seen in MMA who never lets his hands drop. And his punches are fast and crisp as hell. Never gets wild.