Something cool in LA but funny as

Well we were going to wait to make the announcement but because Gold Dragon is trying AGAIN to solicit my students here goes with some exciting news for the Slidell MMA scene. I have teamed up with the largest MMA gym in LA Gladiators Academy of Baton Rouge. By the end of the month I will be opening the first chain of MMA gyms in the state! I will be opening Clementi's Gladiators Academy of Slidell. What will be really great for guys who want to train with some of the best fighters in the state is that you can now pay (about half) of what others charge in Slidell and you will have access to Clementi's Gladiators Academy plus Gladiators Academy of Baton Rouge. No other gym in the state can compare to the amount of experience that these 2 gyms have to offer. Here is the lame post to try to get guys that our gym has put time in training.................. LAME

More to be announced towards the end of the month

We were sorry to hear that your training center, GT Extreme Sports is going out of business at the end of the month. We have met Rodrigo and Rafael and have the highest respect for both of them. We have no doubt that they would want you to continue your training in Jiu-Jitsu. We want to extend a personal invitation to continue your training with us at Gold Dragon MMA. We offer classes in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA. Students can attend up to 6 days per week. We don't use contracts, but rather handle tuition on a month-by-month basis. You are welcome to watch any of our general classes and/or schedule a free trial class. We have been in business in Slidell for over 12 years and have trained many champions along the way. We have a successful MMA fight team that competes on average twice per month. We are currently training for two Jiu-Jitsu tournaments in November. Feel free to call or come by. Our phone number is 643-3002. We are located at 1000 Caruso Blvd. Ste. 411 in the former Slidell Factory Outlet Mall off Old Spanish Trail.

Ow and the area code is 985 incase anyone wants to check out GOLD DRAGON SHINJITSU

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TTT for Rich No Love as he is a great trainer and a super person too.

God bless everyone,
The Professor


We have a VERY SIMIILAR situation in Little Rock. Let me guess, they don't
fight you guys in tournaments do they?



Ha ha I would tie my right hand behind my back and challenge there KICKBOXING instructor who has many titles and has been kickboxing for over 20 years to a match I would even put up 5000 clams if I loose. Open Challange Baby!!!!! Hes got 50 pounds on me and is only 7 years older. Be a man step up for alittle local kickboxing sparring session. Talk is cheap

LMAO - you have no love for the sensei?  congrats - lm & Skip

Rich, what happened with GT Extreme? I thought things were going well.

To be honest it was a bad bussiness plan. I came in after the idea was already in place because they were going to have a BJJ Blackbelt teaching so I figured It would benefit me as well. One of the partners pulled out last year and from a bussiness aspect it just doesnt make sense.

ttc ongrats on new gyms yo

Rich you comin up to Ohio for UFC 77

The other real problem is the guys I want to train are the broke ass tough guys that cant afford 100 a month memberships. I dont want to teach your joe smoe buss guy who wants to train just to say he does. Its not in my character.

im one of those broke schmoes. it sucks

ttt, thats great news, we are getting back to the real old skool training.

Skip feels the same way - would rather have a small class of committed guys than a ton of TMA guys for alot less.  Fine line - not a monk and would like to make money at this - but where does your heart really lie? 

again congrats - Sally

Gold Dragon Buffet in Slidell?



Good luck bro! Give me a call when you have minute. I haven't heard from you since I left my last message. I want to make sure things are covered.