"Something Done on Barges..."

The guys on Pardon the Interuption were just discussing the DLH/Mayweather fight.

They were talking about whether or not boxing was "dead" and Kornheiser said that it was, b/c prize fighting wasn't the draw it used to be.

Wilbon said that the UFC was big and was selling out arenas.

Kornheiser responded by scoffing and saying (almost under his breath) "Yeah, but that's stuff they do on barges..."

I had to lol at that one.


monkey knife fights in international waters = UFC

A Victor Torn has Kornholed the correct.

Kornheiser is an idiot ive never liked him, Wilbon on the other hand is better...

It's called the "Ostrich Defense." Stick your head in the sand and pretend the threat doesn't exist.

George Foreman was on 92.3 Free FM (NYC) on Monday. I heard him use it to perfection when the host said "UFC is kicking boxing's ass."

Keep pretending boys, instead of cleaning up the corruption in your own once noble sport.

And it's done in at least one boatyard, but not on the actual barges themselves.

i actually run a barge and we had 2 fights (grappling) in our grassy area a couple of days ago...i am serious! so i guess he may be right....

SEE! I have been posting shit about these guys for the last few weeks.

for real. one early boxing title fight was held on an island in the middle of the Rio Grande to avoid Texas Rangers shutting down the whole show.

These people watch too many 80's flicks.

has anyone ever taken Tony seriously? EVA? the guy is like the rush limbaugh of the sports world

I thought he said "In bars"