Something good for Judo forum

Please watch this:

you can find the rules from here:



Ps. To watch it please use Divx player

To people who are suspicious:

it is GI MMA -with points for throws

Will watch

ttt great video clip!

reminds me a lot of a devestatingly effective south american martial art that was intro duced to the world circa 1970-2000... dang it, I can't remember the name right now.

link for download

Looks a bit like the stuff I used to do. Sport JJJ has a following in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. My friend fought against a machado brown belt one year.

I can't download it, as it is taking too long.

I am sure it is right up my alley.

Looks like fun.

wanna fight me that way? lol...j'k

Was fun to watch..


What was it? USJJF comp?

Looks to be in Poland.

Along the same lines Byron..

Whitebelts getting ko'ed and thrown around basicly......

Byron, it's worth it.

Just right click and "save as", go do something (like droppin' a deuce), come back and it will be there (very slow connection).

Cool pick-up and slam (morote-gari) 1:17 and 4:57

Good spining back kick at 1:22

Nice harai-goshi at 1:27

Sweet spining back kick at 1:51

check it out... you'll dig it :)

It took me 15 minutes to download and won't play.

You need to download the DivX codec to make it work.

That does look like fun, although the scoring does leave something to be desired. No points for high kickin someone clean, but koka for taking down to fours. But still looks like a laugh.


I'll download DIVX and try it out.

Interesting UG post:

From: Rasputin
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A few facts:

1. Liquid Technique is a KNOWN pathological liar

2. He is not a purple from Master Team, Stockholm, Sweden. Only one Master purple belt in Stockholm - Pancrase fighter Omar Bouiche... and Omar this clown ain´t

(8 purple belts in Master Europe - 6 in Malmoe, 1 in Stockholm and 1 in Sodertalje -

3. As a matter of fact he doesn´t even train with Master Team. He just jumped on that bandwagon since we seem to be doing well in Sweden at the moment.

4. LT is a poor blue belt training in one of the smaller schools in Stockholm.

5. By trolling like this he is making Master Team look bad... I would be happy to kick his ass if he would get it down to Malmoe... but then again I am probably 40-50 lbs heavier than LT...

/Rasputin Purple Belt Master Team Malmoe, Sweden...

zulkic: Wow, I'm completely surprised?!? LiquidTechnique, one of the many people who appear on my threads just to be contrary... Is caught in a lie? *Gasp*

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