Something hit the atmosphere

Meteor explosion Milky Way Timelapse from Soulcrate Music on Vimeo.

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Very cool time lapse, but would it really be that slow?  You can see the clouds moving in the video, I would have thought that something like a meteorite hitting the atmosphere would happen very quickly and would need the opposite type of exposure to record it, then played back in super slow motion - not fast motion.

Either way - very cool video.


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Clearly an jettison escape pod

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Okay call me crazy..but does THAT look like an incoming "shooting star/micro comet/asteroid/debris" that was INTERCEPTED by a projectile?

Jesus fucking I HOPE so...

We might actually have something that could DO something if we found out that a large asteroid/comet is hitting the earth next week..or in 6 hours...


HA...fucking facts and reality that makes ignorance blissful..CHEERIO!!!

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