Something nice about the WSF

I looked at their website and noticed they posted their ranking requirements. It was interesting to see the techniques listed.

I think a lot of people really are just getting upset over labels and the initial combative posts from both sides. I think the WSF looks like a group that uses sambo in it's base along with the other arts they mentioned.

I also think it was not really correct to call their championship a world championship because it takes a way from the othe more established "world championships"

I think it is not what the WSF is doing that gets peoples goats but rather the way they have approached it.


Are they the guys that are in Grappling Magazine?
If so, they seem kind of like a bunch of yeah-hoos
to me.

Good post. Everyone can have their opinion, and that is the great thing about our sport. I'm sure if you and I ever met up, we'd exchange techniques and the very fact that I do submission and MMA would give us hours of conversation to carry us over a few beers. :)
The WSF is a great organization and has added alot to my game.
The championships btw were not "world" they were "National" (much like the Gracie nationals or the like).
BTW: The techniques posted are only the ranking REQUIREMENTS. Doctor pordash and other instructors in the WSF show ALOT (And I mean ALOT) more than just those... that is a basis. There may be an entire hour or two spent on a sprawl and wrestling sit out.... with a hundred different situations... or an hour on counters to someone's heel hook. It depends on who you're training with. Either way, yes..there are people who take issue with the fact that it is the world SAMBO federation, and that is another conversation.... but there are alot of people who take issue and therefore start insulting its members and calling into question its effectiveness. And that just sucks.

Samboboy. We appreciate your comments. The approach that has gone awry is due to the fact that we sent an invitation to all who may be interested in our tournament, only to have several people attack us beligerently. Maybe some of those authors should change their approach, especially when someone extends courtesy to them. We have a great organization that is growing in leaps and bounds. I do not charge students to train with me. I am not in need of money, as I make a much desired living from my 5 clinics. I started this organization in the mid nineties to make sambo more attractive to grappling students, since sambo schools keep fading away. I hoped to establish solidarity and support in the sambo community. Several other sambo organizations have already joined us. I am actually astounded to see the bickering and mud-slinging on this forum. It has brought us all down to another level.

I agree, samboboy.

I went to the WSF website as well and looked at the belt ranking requirements.
It may not be traditional Sambo, but I'd say someone could easily benefit from the curriculum and have a well-rounded "game" as it were.
It seemed well thought out, in my opinion.


I feel that people are just put off by the approach of "new" Sambo. Sambo is a very fractured sport especially in North America we lack one governing body, one grading authority(if we need one), and no real tournament commitee. Everytime a new group is set of it adds another group already struggling for the loyalty of a increasingly smaller group of people.

I belong to the United Federation of Russian Sambo. We don't have tournaments we only try to increase Sambo awareness, we promote like the name says Russian Sambo. I think the various groups need to work together instead to help build a stronger Sambo community in North America instead of fracturing it even more.

TTT for the WSF

P.S. Dr. Pordash I will e-mail you soon. Todd and I would like to come up to the school for a weekend and work with you some time after the holidays.


Joe. You guys are always welcome here to train.
Samboboy; I can't disagree with your statement. But to promote sambo we need to also hold tournaments. That is an essential part of a student's growth and commitment to the sport. The concept that we are promoting is to allow all submissions so that fighters from BJJ and other grappling styles will become more interested in competing and learning sambo. I wish for all the smaller sambo organizations to come together as well. But when I first entered this forum, several people saw us as an adversary, not a comrade. Maybe we can get past this and get down to the real issue; respect and solidarity in American sambo.


See I actually disagree instead of changing the rules we should be encouraging others to compete in our style, amd to show them why they may want to train in Sambo, get them excited about Sambo and to see it as something different they can add to their game.

I am all for cross training I do it myself, I do BJJ, I fought Pro Muay Thai in Thailand, I do Judo, and I do Sambo. But we need to have an identity which is distinct from BJJ and other grappling arts. When we say Sambo people need to know what it means.

Feel free to drop by the UFRS forum at


I'm with Marc on that.. it'd be like saying that boxing should add leg kicks, so that kickboxers will be more interested in it, and want to learn boxing, or that Greco-roman wrestling should add single legs to it, so that more freestylers would want to learn greco.

I understand your point . I too have competed in traditional sambo competitions over the years. I wish that every grappler in the U.S. would become endeared to the sport we all have. But the problem sambo faces is lack of interest. There are so many grappling styles these days that we feel it's important to attract as many potential students as possible into our sport.Everyone wants to learn BJJ. Judo is still strong because of the market for a throwing sport. None one on this forum dissagrees that sambo incorporates chokes, cranks and various other finishing moves. We feel that the general MMA public would like to see these techniques performed in competition; submission grappling tournaments are popping up all over the country and they allow most submissions. Sambo can be much stronger than it is. Why not create a more spectator friendly sport and a sport that attracts a greater populous? We are getting e-mails daily from schools all over the country that want chartered. They are sambo,BJJ,shootfighting,shooto,MMA and Judo. This is good for the sport.

On a side note I read in your interview in Grappling Mag. that Gokor taps out BJJ blackbelts with one hand tied behind his back. Were these actual events or were you just stating how good he his. I personally love Gokors style and would love to train with him but when I read this I was a little blown away???

What sport? Why don't you just do bjj then if you want to ride the trend?

What are the fees for a school to get Chartered and does that include wall certificates and wallet sized membership cards?

Spiral. I have seen Gokor roll many, many times. There are a great number of BJJ blackbelts and instructors who come to take privates from him. I don't think there has been a time I've been at his school that several visitors havn't been there. With all due respect to the art of BJJ, Gokor has had little trouble tapping some extremly well known BJJ experts.
Koga; you have been running your mouth for some reason in various threads. It's probably getting past your bedtime...


You have to understand that Gokor burned a lot of people in Sambo based on his claims, everyone associated with him is tainted by the same distrust.

Yeah, I believe it, he seems like a very good teacher,his tapes were awesome, Ive rolled with three people who trained there at times and there focus was totally different then the BJJ'ers I usually roll with, leglocks from everywhere, not to worried about scoring points or passing guard, would love to train with him one day. thanks for the reply

Samboboy- Igor Yakimov's tapes are great aswell, will he be coming out with any other tapes. There is no sambo where I live so I study it from tapes?? thanks

Koga why are you on every thread that has to do
with the WSF? You're sarcasm and smart ass
comments are wearing a little thin. If you don't like
what the WSF has to offer why not just ignore the
threads that have to do with the WSF?

Todd (St.Louis)

This is a judo and sambo forum. The midwestern US hybrid mcdojo WSF is neither. Actually, the WSF does not appear to even qualify as a WSF in that it is neither a world or a sambo federation. Hell, its probably not even a federation.

Koga, There is no charge to be chartered in the WSF, as well there are no yearly fees or any other charges involved with being in that orginization.