Something nice about the WSF

Samboboy. How did Gokor burn anybody?


Gokor claimed to have won many titles in the past that he never did, in fact he claimed a championship that my coach had actually won. Many people feel that he takes a lot away from the accomplishments of other people.

His claims have mostly been disproved through research with FIAS and the IJF, as well as through contacts in the Russian Judo Federation and high ranking practitioners in Sambo and Judo.

I am not commenting on his ability only on his ethics. It is unethical and wrong to lie, and Gokor has done so repeatedly.


Igor has three series out available at

The video version of Chumakov's 100 lessons of Russian Sambo, Ultimate Leglocks, and in my opinion his best series Ulitmate Armbars.


Where do you train in the STL? I have a club here and your are welcome to stop buy anytime. J.W. Grappling /Concepts

AND PEOPLE THOUGHT PHIL PORTER WAS A GOOD GUY TOO... right up until they found out he was stealing money form the USJA. yet. not many will say he was a bad coach.. just not a straight-forward fella.

WSF... do you work with Phil Porter? perhaps the two of you can get together and find a way to sell sambo blackbelts by mail-order... i mean, you managed to have a NATIONAL EVENT WITH ONLY 30 PEOPLE WHILE SOMEHOW ALREADY HAVING 30 CHARTER CLUBS... i am positive that you can do amazing things if you work with Phil...


Hey JW I train at Rodrigo Vaghi's school. I've
trained with you and Darrin before and both you
guys are good grapplers who know their stuff.
Ignore the negative vibes and keep doing what
your doing. I'm happy training at Vaghi's, he's
made me improve faster than I ever could have
imagined. Right now I'm getting ready for the
BJJ Arnold Classic. After the Arnold I'd like to roll
with you and some of your guys. Are you and Darrin
going to have any of your guys compete in that?

Two more questions for you, do you ever have an
open mat day and will the WSF ever have any
tournaments in St.Louis. I'd be interested in
competing if they did.

Peace, keep training

Todd (St.Louis)


Great to here your still training. Vaghi has a great group of guy's and a tough team. If you know Paul (crazy bald kickboxer) tell him to call me asap I've got some news. Are classes are the same time as yours but maybe on a saterday I'll set somthing up for a bunch of us to get together and roll the more training partners the better! As fare as Arnold's go, myself and my team went last year and we'll go this year its the best tourney I've ever been to. I'll bring 5-8 people and Doc will bring the same. I placed 2nd last year. Not coming home without Gold this year. Been training with Doc and spent last week with Royler gracie. You can't beat that.

Keep a look out on for a tourny I'm going to host still working it out hopefully in Feb. Gi and No gi, Hope you and your guy's can make it. Take care

J.W. / Grappling Concepts-STL

JW email me whenever you get some more info
on the tournament your thanking about hosting.
If I don't see you before the Arnold I'm sure will run
into each other their. Good luck in your training and
I look forward to seeing you and Darrin.