Something to clear up

Just heard a disturbing thing at TKO. While i was at TKO i bumped into Mark Bocek's Mom and was told that people were telling Mark that I was saying shit about him. First off,if it doesn't come directly from my mouth to Mark's then it's all bullshit. I've known Mark for a long time and always been respectful and supportive after he left Grappling Arts (a long time ago). To those who know me know well i have nothing but great things to say about him.

To all of those who want to rock the boat,piss off and don't spread bullshit. If i have a problem with somebody,i won't hesitate to talk to them directly(as some of you already know)!!

Congrats to Mark on his win and his bright future in MMA. Mark if you can please e-mail me at

Thanks. Syl Moroney