Sometimes the truth hurts (unvax crisis)

What an embarrassing little paragraph that was. You are the perfect sheep
I do believe medical professionals. Not the ones being paid to cover up the leak. Surface thinkers such as yourself only look at the appearance. Dig a little bit and you’d be appalled. Maybe that’s why you want to believe Fauci gives a shit about you. Check out who Fauci is married to. All the studies have been filled with conflicts of interest. Or pretend Fauci will save you and prove ignorance is bliss.

Oh, now it is not for fun and laughs… you are not trolling either… now we don’t even understand what you are attempting… and you’re back to make fun again.

Jesus man, you are running at depths that are extraordinary… that or you are completely full of shit. Here is a hint… you smell like excrement while swimming in the shallow end of the pool.

And here’s more proof that talking science on the OG is useless.

Yeah, you seem to be struggling with it. I’m just making fun of you. That’s it. It’s really simple, you shouldn’t be having this much trouble unless it’s on purpose.