Sometimes we're reminded

How quickly life comes at us. Being scared as shit, not knowing everything will be ok. Reminding your wife that in fact everything will be. Having spent your last dime and your whole life savings on something you worked so hard for to keep it going in order to keep your head above water. Visiting your mother, her not realizing that you are in the other room listening as she sobs over the voice of her Fathers last voicemail he left on her phone. Seeing your wife want children so badly and knowing it may never happen. Seeing your dog who is your best friend getting old. Having reoccuring nightmares of when you were at your worst and wake up to have to remind yourself that isn't you anymore. For those of you who have had it bad and fight for your life and for others.... I salute you. Lifes hard sometimes but it sure is good. Phone Post 3.0

True story. VU! Phone Post 3.0

Switch23 - True story. VU! Phone Post 3.0
Back at you buddy. Phone Post 3.0

Life comes at you fast!