somewhere over the rainbow

at the risk of sounding uncool i say its one of the best songs of the 20th century. judy garland had a kickass voice too.

If you want to hear someone completely destroy that song, find Chris Impelliterri's Stand in Line album:On second thought,don't. ;)

Tuck andress did a pretty good version of that...

I like IZ`s (Israel Kamakawiwo-ole) version.

Phil Degruy does a pretty wild version as well.

"Tuck andress did a pretty good version of that..."

His was a medley of that and "If I only had a Brain".

Brilliant composition!

"Brilliant composition!"

My thoughts exactly 

"Rainbow used it as an intro to a song."

I think they opened their concert with it when I saw them many years ago. Not positive though as I was probably so stoned Cheap Trick could have taken the stage and I wouldn't have known the difference.

Damn.......that's pretty stoned.

Judy was great in wizard of OZ.

Great melody, doesn't matter where it came from. That melody and song will be around a long time.