Somewhere to train in Nanaimo BC?

I'm going to be visiting a friend in Nanaimo from Feb 13-17 and I need somewhere, preferably with bags, to work out while I'm there. Does anyone know somewhere I can just drop in to train, preferably near Malaspina? Thanks.

you are more than welcome to come train with us. We train Mon Wed Fri and Sat. We don't have a heavy bag but we have Thai shields. We are located about 10 min from Malaspina. Let me know.

John,you are still welcome to come over to Van and train with Lhamaa.Just give me the word.Anyhow,see you at the comp.Fock em up.NDSS representin'!

Thanks guys!
RVBOY, I'll drop you and email right away.

Jay Percival

Hope to see you Jay. Hey Steve! I'm definitely still interested in Lhamaa. I've been discussing it with a buddy and we are hoping to do a day trip thing.
Take care.