Son is watching the good version of robocop

I tried to watch the remake but holy shit. There is actually a scene where Robocop is going to investigate something and has to turn around and head home because he senses that his son is sad that he's not spending enough time with him. It's like some ginger kid's mom remade Robocop.

As a kid the most badass scene was when he was first unveiled and hes walking through the precinct. F me what happened to action movies now. 

Good business is where you find it!

I cant watch bad red foreman just doesnt work for me

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I cant watch bad red foreman just doesnt work for me

I'm sure a foot would work it's way in your ass

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Liyon - The holy trinity of movies for me as a kid in the 80s was Aliens, Predator, and Robocop. Makes sure he watches the other two!


I was born in 87 and was allowed to watch R rated movies very young and listen and watch comedy/horror and most importantly stand up.

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Rambo Trilogy

Indiana Jones trilogy

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I told him it's ok if he's not into it because this is a my generation movie and not so much his, but so far he's really into it.

Too bad they don't make movies like this anymore. 

Why would you tell him it’s okay not to like Robocop?

That's still one of the most violent big budget pictures ever. It's awesome.  

I thought the reboot was decent. 

Great film. I never understood how in the second film, they try to convince Murphy that he is just a machine when it is his mind that made Robocop a successful experiment. He could have still been a husband and father but they treated him like a malfunctioning piece of equipment. Anything to keep him off the payroll, quite sad.

Next up-Toxic Avenger

Fury2Feed - Superb movie that sill holds up. It accomplishes everything it tried to do perfectly.

Show him timeless Predator, another gem from 87.

'87 was the year of severed arms


Dillon gets his arm shot off in Predator

the younger bro in Jaws4 gets his arm bit off by Jaws

and officer murphy get's his arm blown off with a shotgun before being executed




my dad took me to the Midnight premier of predator and robocop that year....i was 6

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Ppl hate on it but I really like part 2. Kane is the coolest meanest looking cyborg ever.

Two is good. Robocop was such a hard act to follow. 3 was terrible because it was watered down too much to line up with the cartoon. I'm amazed we didn't get a 4 just to introduce the Ultra Police.