Soneca is coming

Helio "Soneca" Moreira is coming to Boulder CO to do a seminar on Sunday Feb. 8, 2004. He will be doing both a gi and a no gi. The gi is at 10:00- 12:30pm and the no gi is 2-4:30pm. Both will be taking place at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Boulder. Call for any more info 303 938 1275.



Soneca just taught a 3 hour seminar for us in Cleveland, TN. Everyone enjoyed the seminar and learned and learned. We had lots of folks show up that usually don't train with us.

(Send more of the round stickers for my son, John. He stuck in on the back of my car which already has too many stickers and it got removed.!!!)

ttt 4 soneca. guess i better go thursday night

Brandon, are you going to Boulder on Thursday ?????

TTT for Soneca!

Wellll? How was it???