Song intros that make you feel bad ass

Intros to song a that make you feel like a bad ass.

I have "whole lotta love" led Zeppelin as a ring tone. When it goes off I just feel pumped.

Like the song you could have in the movie when the hero is about to go all one man army and shit.

I'm talking...

Thunderstruck ACDC

High ways to hell ACDC

"Short changed hero" The heavy

"Hysteria" Muse

"Sad but True" Metallica

What else? Songs that grab just you. Phone Post 3.0

Last by NIN...then I get really pumped about 45 seconds in when the guitar line kicks in.


System of A Down - "Toxicity" Phone Post 3.0

Roster by Alice in Chains Phone Post 3.0

Overkill - Motorhead

I wanna be your Dog - The Stooges Phone Post 3.0

^"And now at 6 6 from North Carolina, Michael Jordan"!

and then the rest of the roster?

For me, its the wah ah ah ah song. Down with the sickness maybe? I often yell it in the shower.

Rebellion by Gravedigger :)

It is so horribly corny that it is glorious. I think Hansen used it as an entrance song in Bushido. Phone Post 3.0

Voltron theme Phone Post 3.0

Hatredcopter - Dethklok

Destruction Overdrive - Black Label Society Phone Post 3.0

Hell Awaits - Slayer

Blind Phone Post 3.0

All Shall Perish - The Last Relapse

It's the fucking goat intro for a metal core(ish) song. The entire song is badass too. Phone Post 3.0

T.B Sheets by Van Morrison ! Phone Post 3.0

Walk-Pantera Phone Post 3.0

Barnicale Bill - Roster by Alice in Chains Phone Post 3.0


Rammstein- Sonne would make the perfect entrance!

Season Of The Abyss - Slayer Phone Post 3.0

How has "Welcome to the Jungle" not been said yet? Phone Post 3.0

Intro to "we gotta know" Cro mags Phone Post 3.0