Song you hated forever but finally turned on?

Even when I liked the Police in middle school I despised every breath you take. I hate any of those shoot yourself in face nostalgia depressing songs like boys of summer, against the wind or running on empty

In the last year I so I actually went from hating to thoroughly enjoying it. Maybe it was the stranger things dance scene in back of my head

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“Hunger Strike”
Temple of the Dog


Running on Empty is about being worn out from years of being on the road as a band.

Kind of like Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi

It’s not even lyrics it’s that whole batch of depressing 70’s mid tempo rock songs

I never liked that song. Was huge PJ. Fan and liked Chris but song dragged

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Running on Empty is awesome.
Awesome album as well, the entire thing is the ultimate road song album.
All songs either live, one recorded in a hotel room, one even recorded on the tour bus (you can hear the hum of the bus’s wheels in the background)
I would never call the tempo of Running on Empty “depressing” unless you’re a metal head or something

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Decon Blues by Steely Dan.

I never disliked it, bit it just didn’t do much for me.
It has grown on me over the years and now is one of my favorite songs of theirs.

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Last Christmas.

I always thought it was stupid and would argue it shouldn’t even be considered a Christmas song!
Well my daughter’s figured out I don’t like it and would sing it all the time to irritate me, laughing while they did.
Then they were doing a holiday dance recital and that was one of their songs.

So it went from a stupid song that annoyed me, to a happy family memory.

What can you do?


It’s like nostalgia depressing music Even if you have no nostalgia for the time. Hard to explain. Sefer has a bunch of them

Boys of Summer is an excellent song IMO.


Running on empty is like a song that’s playing when your gf or wife was banging a dude t a lake camp in her early 20’s

“Horse Soldiers” by Corb Lund. Mostly because of my life experience and I have written a song that’s pretty damn similar.

After a year or two, I can say it’s a pretty goddamn good song.


That’s more like Boys Of Summer IMO.

Vapourwave in general as a genre, it took some time to see its appeal but i dig it now.

It’s a great song but the message is dogshit:

I"ll still be here when you’re done getting run through by all the fuckboys.

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That came on next after he finished lol

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Great game that I wished I had played more was guitar hero. Made me appreciate songs a lot more. Could really pick up the little nuances and guitar licks.

Everyone loves Crazy Train, but I like it way more than I used to after playing on Guitar Hero a bunch.

I used to hate Band on the Run. Easily one of my favourite songs now thanks to that game.


Ataris cover is better. Fight me.