Songs just can't play

For years I have tried (well not as hard as I could have)to play "Little Wing from Jimi. I have gone as far as sitting down with the Tab and headphones and because this man was so incredibly phenomenal, I just can't come within a mile of this song. Someone (I don't remember who) wrote on another thread that they had been trying to play "Sultans of Swing" for the longest but just can't. Just curious, but do any of my SG brethren have any songs that elude them and if you overcame, please share how.   

I screwed up the thread title it should say "Songs you just can't play" sorry fellas but I only have an IQ of 50

I only have an IQ of 50

You don't have to brag, you big showoff!

The list of songs I'll never be able to play is pretty much endless, I have this habit of listening to incredible players and then wondering why I even bother to try and play anything.

Hey, I have a decent tab of that song that give you the chord shapes and stuff - let me see if I can dig it up, it helped me a lot.

You don't have to brag, you big showoff!

actually that was my internet exaggeration score, the real one is a lot lower :)

The list of songs I'll never be able to play is pretty much endless, I have this habit of listening to incredible players and then wondering why I even bother to try and play anything.

yea Das- my list is pretty endless too. I remember I was at Guitar Center (Tempe AZ) and someone was playing "Crazy Train" nothing new but for some strange reason there was a big crowd gathered around this person. I walked towards the crowed to see what the commotion was and it was this kid. He couldn't have been more that 8 to 10 years old with hands half the size of mine and he was nailing everything just like Randy. Nevertheless, I walked out, went home, de-tuned all of the ladies, placed them in their cases and cried myself to sleep. Thanks for your help Das. shoot me an e-mail



Haha, I hate those little bastards!

Theres been more than one occasion when I've been practicing my ass off and then grabbed my guitar by the neck with the intention of throwing it out the window.

Mail sent btw

got to you have to D/L their software to use the tabs but you will get AMAZINGLY accurate tabs in tab and standard note with a player so you can hear the entire song, play along, go to a certain passage that you have trouble with ...ect. a GREAT tab site-

Seventeen by Winger.

The payoff is probably not worth the effort.

Thanks Das you have mail as well

Shootozen- thanks for the info I'll definatly check that out.

Pony-I picked up an 80's metal book and Winger's "Seventeen" is right in there. Let me know if you would like a copy I'll do my best to get it to you

thanks fellas

I have all of the music to "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson completely memorized. But I CAN NOT match several of the runs he plays in that song. I've been trying to play it for a LONG time and I just can't keep his tempo. I've got about 90% and I guess I'll just have to be happy with that.

i honestly don't even try anymore. if its not some simple chord pattern that i can't pick up by ear, i just forget about playing it.

Nurse- that song is awesome I have the transcription in a "guitar one" magazine but i just look at it and shake my head. I guess my problem is if I can't learn it in order, then I won't learn it. In essance, I have to start with the intro, hit every solo, and everything in between.

Poorboy- do you mostly rythem?

no, i play lead too, but it's all improvisation. i can't play but maybe 5-10 cover songs all the way through & i never play the original solo.

thats cool man improvising is the best just let it flow. I wish I could do that :) I play for fun usually along with the original recording thats why i'm so anal about trying to learn it note for note. But I have no ear so it usually consists of me sitting down with the tab. I really envy the persons who can nail stuff by ear. I have a buddy like that. When eddie came out with eruption, my buddy nailed it to the note just by listining! Man I really hate him! :)

i'm kinda in between...i could have developed my ear more if i weren't so lazy. but i am so i content myself with strumming along to neil young.

i am with poorboy ..... i like just stumming away ... i can't play lead worth shit ..... when i was in my early teens i could, for some reason now i can't nail a thing .... the hands dont' do what i want them to do.... i think it has something to do with breaking my hand a few times

i had the same gibson's...slowly over the years lead just became less important to me & my ability slipped. i still like complex music, but it has to complex melody rather than complex technique.

lol I do that with the outro solo for "fade to balck" or I just repeat the intro solo over and over

Thanks fiteseeker but the rhythm playing on "Seventeen" is way beyond my playing ability now and forever.

CK I had no idea u played bass...

For me Id say 1 song from Metallica, the last song on AND JUSTICE FOR ALL... I couldnt do those fast parts...same thing with parts of MASTER OF PUPPETS...

Then a couple early Megadeth tracks.

2112 OWNS.

I played the Overture solo electric at a talent thing at my college recently.

It being all for laughs, I made as many "rock-faces" as possible, and slurred my way through Lifeson's solo, dropping to my knees (going for the obvious cheap-pop)

There is a lot of Rush I can't handle, even more Blind Guardian. I think I do best sticking with Maiden and Neil Young.

iron maiden's bass was very underrated, imo.