Songs just can't play

I finally got Mr. Scary. I have been working on that since 1988. Now I don't even want to play it anymore. Now I am working on Trilogy Suite Opus 5. Damn you Yngwie J. Malmsteen!!!!!

Aw man, Trilogy Suite Opus 5, super fast stuff in there. Good Luck.

wow fellas! thats awesome, you guys just made me remember about Gilmore. Man I have been wanting to sit down and learn to play his solos for "another brick in the wall part II", "comfortably numb" and heck all of pink floyd's tracks. I just don't have the time to sit and read the tab, Man I wish I had an ear for it :)

I will have trilogy learned by the time shred comes back or by the time I am 60. Which ever comes first.

lol I sometimes wonder if any of the "nu metal" bands can shred

jeff buckley's version of yeh jo halka halka saroor hai...

but he sings it in pakistani so that makes it a little more difficult

but I will get it! yes I will!


Among rock critics, yes. But in metal circles, Steve Harris is actually very respected for his band leader capabilities, and bass playing.

He's got his own style.

Donna Lee

The Claw (as played by Lenny Beau)

can't sing Stinkfist by Tool for the life of me. It's just not going to happen.

Working on Maxwell Murder by Rancid. I got abuot 95% of it. It's just basically i'm not consistant enough. been playing it for a while now.

Moonlight Sonata , fingerstyle. I just cant get it perfect.

Steve Vai's "Whispering a Prayer"

Beatles "While my guitar gentley Weeps"

Michael Angelo's "2X"


ponyboy - you're trolling.......right?lol