Songs you can't hear without getting nostalgic

There's certain songs and even whole albums that take me straight to a different place in time.

First one-Sean Paul "Gimme the light". Just graduated high school and took off to Cancun for a week to binge drink my 18 year old brains out and try to catch the clap. This damn song played everywhere every 5 mins which of course was the shit at the time. Now I can't hear it without thinking of throwing up in my hotel sink, or giving away my safe key to see some tits (the hotel put it on a lanyard, we went to Fat Tuesdays where they had a mini mardi gras, and I got so drunk I accidentally gave it away with some beads). Still brings a smile to my face Phone Post 3.0

"Lean on me" reminds me of my mum when she was alive. I think Im allergic to it. Can't hear it without my allergies acting up. Phone Post

Dude, I can list a shit load of songs that take my mind to certain places. 

R Kelly's "Down Low" takes me to a County Road outside of my hometown where I got laid by an ex.


Bone Thugs N Harmony - 1st of tha Month

Morrisette's "Thank U"

Reminds me of my awful time while dating a townie in college. :-( Phone Post 3.0

lot's of NIN songs

The boys of fall by Kenny Chesney gets me all nostalgic about my old HS football days Phone Post 3.0

Rough stuff for me...

Fuck Like a beast- WASP

I Wanna Piss on You- GG Allin

Sex Slave- The Mentors

Loving You- Minnie Ripperton

Music is very emotional for me... This one is amazing...


You know dis, you know dat...

Incubus - Drive

Many nights in the summer during HS/College sitting around a campfire, playing and singing this with all my friends Phone Post

And Radiohead - 2 + 2=5 Phone Post

"In my life" the Beatles.

Reminds me if my dad- RIP Phone Post 3.0