Sonic Firewall Setups and DSL

First off


Secondly, I hate the modems that companies send with DSL's (Netopia)

I have been encountered on the oddest problem with multiple locations I've been trying to setup.

I setup the Sonicwalls TZ170's on these sites. Setup the VPN, DHCP, DNS (1. Points to the VPN DNS 2. Points to the local DSL DNS)

Everything is setup and working, the Sonicwall is configured with the PPPOE settings and everything is up and fine. I can get all connections, ping all VPN routes, internet connectivity. And as soon as sometihng uses a little bit of bandwidth on the VPN side, it fucking locks up. Tried to swap firewalls, same problem, same problem at different locations as well. It will drop and not give out DHCP for shit, can't static into it either until you restart the Firewall. It will eventually do this again.

What I've tried.

Set the netopia to do the PPPOE, no go.
Set the netopia to do the DHCP/DNS, no go.
Updated the Firmware.
Disconnected everything from the Sonicwall except one connection being a laptop, no go, problem still occurs. Its almost like something is making the Sonicwall lock up. I am submitting a ticket to them to see what they can figure out.

Any suggestions on getting DSL setup right with a firewall?

i hate those netopia modem/router

their command line doc sux and their ez menu sux worst.

have you tried putting the netopia modem router in bridge mode and then use sonicwall on the edge?

if you have mucho publics then bridge mode is the correct way to config. if you don't then you may need to double nat which is probably the reason for the delay or timeout with VPN.

Fixed the bitch.

Odd problem was everytime we went to map / use WINS, it would bust and lock up. WINS wasn't setup on the right IP address, and it would completely lock up the Sonicwall until we had it set correctly.

Its fucking working now.

Yay....Jackson, TN :)


Why are you using WINS?

I don't wanna go into this anymore, it pissed me off.


The Sonicwalls have been locking up due to heat issues. How did this get past burn in and or QC, I have no clue.

(I do sell their products)