Sonic Onion Rings are made with VANILLA ICE CREAM!

Had some for dinner and DAMN, onion funnel cake rings!

Why do Sonic onion rings taste sweet?

It is because they are made with sweet onions and breaded with vanilla ice milk mix (or melted vanilla ice cream).May 19, 2009


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No wonder they give off that hint of vanilla. :yum:

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Im an onion ring officiando and Ive never had em!

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Sorry bruh, I can’t eat onion rings cuz im lactose intolerant…wtf Sonic?

How much for an order of

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It’s $10 for a Burger, Rings, drink combo.

The milk of Vanilla Ice, damn…that’s 2 The Extreme!

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Sonic was a pretty fun place to work as a teenager…

The onion ring person was a special employee who only came in to do the onion rings each morning…a fucking god amongst :goat:


Glorious but the crust is crap

Ice cream has NO PLACE in onion rings!