Sonics vs Kings 61-54 Sonics@half

Peja's only 3 of 8 at halftime with 8 pts. Ray Allen is 7 of 13 with 17 pts. Bibby, Christie, and Miller are the only Kings who are playing well right now. Miller needs more shots though. Crap

Absolutely pathetic, Sacramento scored a whopping 10 pts in the entire third quarter. lol, and now Bibby's suckin it up. He's now 6 of 18 from the floor. heh

Gay, 104-93 Sonics win, and it wasn't that close. Pathetic second half from Sacramento.

Go Sonics! Woohoo!

goooooo sonics!

You really need to get your second halves together, it seems like a recurring problem with the Kings.

Fuck you poop face!! I've been sayin that for eons!! doodoo sucker!!! damnit