Sonnen accepts responsibility for test failure

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                                Sonnen accepts responsibility for test failure

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                    <p>On Monday the Nevada State Athletic Commission released an amended complaint against Chael Sonnen&nbsp;outlining up to $250,000 in fines the fighter could face. Yesterday, Chael&nbsp;Sonnen&#39;s lawyer, Jeff Meyer, submitted a formal response to the complaint, in which Sonnen accepted responsibility.</p>

On Tuesday, Sonnen's lawyer Jeff Meyer submitted his client's formal response to the NAC's First Amended Complaint for Disciplinary Action. Below is the most relevant excerpt from the response:

"Mr. Sonnen does not dispute any of the factual allegations contained in the First Amended Complaint. Mr. Sonnen accepts responsibility for his actions and will comply with the Commission in the prompt resolution of this matter."

Sonnen's case will heard at the NAC's July 23 hearing.

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In Sonnen we Trust Phone Post 3.0

I hope he really did save all that money Uncle Dana gave him.

Unless some fairies snuck into his room whilst he was asleep and injected him I'm pretty sure he is responsible^^

bullshit. be a man chael and come out yourself and admit you cheated for an advantage.

He sure did a great job of solidifying to any haters of his, that he has zero legacy to brag about.

If he truly plans on staying retired, there's no downside to admitting to the violations. I'm glad he did, though. It gets tiresome to hear the bullshit excuses.

As if he had any another option besides accepting responsibility. I mean, I know when I was trying to knock up my wife, I couldn't get the job done without that EPO.

Meh. Nothing to see here. Phone Post

Pitbull3744 - 
crumbs - Why not just blame it on a doctor and deny any wrong doing like fighters from a certain South American country always do, stupid Yankee can't even get cheating right.

No no no Chael was taking an OTC supp and he didnt know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Chael doesn't have any world series MVP trophies...

This is the exact opposite of accepting responsability. He continues to deny ever roiding in the past, ridiculously claiming his first hot piss test to have been a misunderstanding (despite get caught lying repeatedly and having a TE ratio so high, that even on TRT it would've been virtually impossible to be within the limit), and then after getting caught red handed for hCG and anestrazole, he went on TV and bald-face lied about why he took the drugs and whether or not he was roiding.


And NOW that it's been proven all the fertility and TRT offset stuff was complete and utter bullshit, he's "accepting responsability." lol If you only accept responsability when you have absolutely no choice, and have exhausted every lie and excuse possible to you...

Well, it's a whole bunch less impressive

Pitbull3744 - 
crumbs - Why not just blame it on a doctor and deny any wrong doing like fighters from a certain South American country always do, stupid Yankee can't even get cheating right.

No no no Chael was taking an OTC supp and he didnt know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this a joke? Virtually everyone makes some bullshit excuse and tainted supplements or Dr.'s fault is the most common.


Barnette used the tainted supplement excuse 3X in a row lol Marquardt and Lavar Johnson both blamed theirTRT doctor well before I can remember Brazillians as did a ton of other hot-pissers... Hell, Siver just blamed his nutritionist.

How in the fuck are you going to hate on Brazillians for making excuses about roiding when everyone does? And I'm the first to call out Brazillian fighters for having a prideful gym culture where they tend to make excuses, but roiding? Nah, everyone's pretty equally full of shit when it comes to that

nothing to see here



I don't see a future for him as the UFC Pres after this... aww shucks.

StrikingMMA - 
"Sonnen accepts responsibility for test failure"

Pretty hard not to accept responsibility with the evidence of two failed tests.

Yes but some still do.

Not being a very good politician imo. What he should do is, deny everything and lie his way out of it! Hell for less than half the price of the fine, he could probably buy off the guy imposing it.

But if he wants to take the far less entertaining I'm a "real man" route, then I guess fine. We'll stomach it for now. But once this shit is over, I want the "bad guy" back ASAP!!

Consider this...a lot of Doctors said the only way these guys would need TRT is if they effed up their endocrine systems with past steroid abuse. That means Rampage, Hendo, Marquardt, Forrest, Sonnen, Belfort, Mir all used. Thats not counting everyone who didnt take TRT (but likely took something else)

That's a lot of hall of famers whose legacies would be/will be ruined. How all this plays out is going to have much bigger implications than just Sonnen...This will be akin to the baseball scandal years ago and likely leave the sport forever tainted...I think this is just the beginning and it only gets worse from here...

Sonnen for President. Phone Post 3.0

LOL... only Chael is masterful enough to come out of this and somehow save face.

He fights it and says it was an accident - The UG gets all up in a tizzy.

He accepts responsibility - The UG gets all up in a tizzy. Phone Post 3.0