Sonnen and Stann???

 Multiple threads about this I know but I am a Sonnen fan. I also have nothing against Brian Stann. Great guy good fighter with a positive attitude.

I would like to see Chael win this fight. So realistically I wanna know do you guys think Chael's "iron chin" can withstand?

Stann is a hell of a knockout artist it would seem. Bear in mind I have only been into MMA for about 3 and a half years so there is still loads I don't know about the sport.

So do you think Chael's wrestling will be too much for Stann even with his advantage in the stand-up?

That's the million dollar question. If Brian keeps it standing he wins imo... If he dont, he loses imo

 Sonnen wins.....  Sonnen is a beast.....Stann is still getting both of these guys though

 Sure hope so. Like I said I got nothing in the world against Stann but Chael is a fuckin beast and I would like to see his long layoff awarded with a win!

I hope all Stann is doing is wrestling/takedown defense and submissions...

 anderson is more of a knockout artist and chael was never ko'd in 5 rounds

Stann has looked great lately and is certainly relevant to the title picture, but I feel like he is being sacrificed in a way. While I am not comparing Chael to Phil Davis athletically or physically, I believe the fight will look similar with the exception that Sonnen is a much better striker than Davis. Also as Ranier stated, Chael went 5 rounds with the best striker at middleweight and wasn't ko'd. Stann is also not as diverse in his striking attack.