Sonnen/Bisping Stats Backup the Decision...

Sonnen won in every category, and almost every category when broken down round-by-round...

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well done

I thought the first was close but that he definitely won it though. Obviously the third too. Phone Post

What site was that?? Thats pretty cool.

I'm not autistic so don't judge fights like that.

Yes on second inspection I think it was a decent decision. I think Bisping did enough to get the second and I think the commentary might've made people think Bisping got the first.

JoeVIP  - What site was that?? Thats pretty cool.


btw. this thread should be a sticky. Chael obviously won.

it was an easy decision

people were swayed by the commentary.

it still shocks me how often that happens

Even the Queen would have gave that to Sonnen.

Edited the OP to add a link to the source...

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Joe Rogan has been hitting the weed too hard. Phone Post

Well there it is then, A great performance on both men's parts I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I believe either man would make a great opponent for Silva