Sonnen: I'm going to take three of Machida's teeth

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                                Sonnen: I'm going to take three of Machida's teeth

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Following multiple twitter exchanges, many now expect that Lyoto Machida could be next up to face Sonnen. Sonnen states that he wouldn't have any problem going up to light-heavyweight from middleweight for such a fight, especially to avenge the loss to a friend and mentor.

"There's a man you may of heard of called Randy Couture, and Machida took one of his teeth. And for that I'm going to take three of his," said Sonnen. "But, I'm not only willing to take on Machida just because of Randy, it's also that easy fight thing and I'm trying to ease my way back into the pool so I'm calling out bums."

One of those guys according to Sonnen was Wanderlei Silva. The two seemed to be on a collision course before Silva's first-round knockout loss to Chris Leben this Saturday, but Sonnen is no longer interested in a fight with the Brazilian legend.

Sonnen did shed some light on the trash talk that went back and forth between the two in recent months however.

"There's a couple of things going on there," Sonnen explained. "Wanderlei tells me that he's going to send me to the dentist. And I'm thinking, 'the receptionist generally sets those appointments, but if you know the phone number to my local dentist, I guess you could.' Then I'm thinking, 'Is he threatening me? I'm an American gangster, you are an immigrant from Brazil. Are you sure you want to go down this road with me? That's a threat?

"Hey Wanderlei, let me give you a threat. I will cut the power to your house and do a home invasion. You will hear me climbing up the stairs in a pair of night vision goggles I bought in the back of 'Solder of Fortune' magazine. The next thing you'll hear is me picking the lock of your bedroom door and taking a photograph of you in bed with the Nogueira brothers working on your jiu-jitsu. I will post said photograph at with password: not required, username: not required.

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Man he sucks..... Phone Post

The only way he stays relevant is trash talk, not by winning fights. Liar,cheat, and Thief. Phone Post

More meaningless drivel from the cheating, lying, felon, convict, drug addict, choke artist. At least he is consistent in these measurements though.


 A convicted felon threatening a home invasion felony.

I think we should have the authorities look into this...

Sonnen by murder Phone Post

Sonnen is the best thing going on in the UFC right now.

He's trying to hard to be relevant by being MMA's villain. Yawn!! Phone Post

A mexican guy wrote that.

Yeah, not a cool guy. If I were Randy I'd disassociate myself from him. Or at least from his comments. Phone Post

Ihearyabuddy - meh..chael looked like a bitch in that van with wandy.
vivid imagination on him though

This. Phone Post

after a while, his trash talk just starts to get boring and childish...

This steroid cheat, convict, low life is allowed to continue competing in UFC and Nate Marquadt gets a life ban??? WTF???!!!

Chael needs some better material

did he hire a new writer?

I don't find his schtick entertaining AT ALL.

He'd have better luck running real estate cons in Clackamas County.

 C.P. Sonnen-Eagle Status, Turkeys...

That was painfully unfunny.

Dr Schopenhauer - Sonnen is carrying the ufc on his back.


His trash talking is epic. Always amusing to read.

Haha!  Chael America'd all over Wandy and Machida's dark, disgusting faces! 

Hopefully Chael will sell Machida's teeth on ebay.  That would be an historic keepsake for the well-to-do MMA fan.