Sonnen isn't fit to lick Bisping's boots

And fans of Chael Sonnen aren't real MMA fans, they sure as hell aren't fit to lick the boots of Bisping fans. I haven't had much time to get on the UG since this fight was announced, but what I have seen has been utter shite. I thought you mindless morons were joking when you were acting like you actually like Chael Sonnen, kind of an 'ironic' thing. But when he gets signed to fight someone who represents all the things that Sonnen doesn't, you idiots still follow his every word and act like he is some kind of amazing fighter.

Let's face facts, Chael Sonnen is a proven cheat, a convicted criminal and a pro-wrestling fan. He was finished by the champion, whilst on PEDs, and should have to work his way back up the contendership ladder like anybody else. Hell, he shouldn't even be in the UFC. If I could have it my way, the UFC would release and ban indefinitely proven steroid cheats. That would sort the men from the boys.

Speaking of men, Bisping is one to be admired. He barely touches a supplement, let alone sticks a syringe full of T in his arse. He is a family man, stands up for his beliefs and proudly represents his county. He deserves his reputation as the highest rank contender in the middleweight division who isn't on steroids.

Bisping has the wrestling ability, the stand up skills and the cardio advantage to easily defeat the cheat. Sonnen will come out with his dorky boxing stance and try to look like he wants to fight like men. But instead he will be shooting as soon as he is within distance and trying to ensure the millions of people watching at home change the channel at the prospect of a 15 minute blanketing. However this is where all you mouth-breathing steroid cheat lovers will be sadly disappointed because Bisping has the best guardwork of anyone in the middleweight division not named Maia. He has such an offensive guard that old Fail's dodgy submission defence is bound to be exploited. Head down, arms everywhere, that sums up Sonnen's top game. Bisping literally wont be able to miss the opportunity to tap Sonnen off his back.

But that's not all we need to consider in this fight. Because even IF Sonnen does get Bisping down, and that is dubious, there is nobody who can keep Bisping on the ground. Name someone? There is nobody, and Sonnen ain't the guy to do it. Bisping will find his way back up, break free and torture Sonnen with punches. Sonned doesn't have it in him to win a fist fight with Bisping. He isn't man enough. He wasn't raised the British way, he doesn't know what it takes to dig deep and batter somebody into unconsciousness. He doesn't have that killer edge. This is Bisping's time to get what he has spent his whole life trying to reach, a UFC title shot. Sonnen is mere collateral damage. It is inevitable. Destiny has written itself already. Bisping will soon be world champion, and Chael Sonnen wil be nothing but a footnote in the annals of the California State Athletic Commission's list of cheaters.


Hate Bisping but I hate Chael more. Nice post Phone Post

scared somebody's trying to take your job?

Suess - 

why would someone want to be fit to lick another man's boots?  not getting this one. 

chael is going to beat Bisping down.  not a fan of chael's btw.

No-one would want to, that's the point. Don't make me explain it for the stupid ones at the back.


guesswhatchickenbutt - scared somebody's trying to take your job?

I'm self-employed, ain't no-one taking my job.




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. Phone Post

So are you going to lick Bispings boots to cheer him up after he loses to Chael?

lol @ using the word admire when talking about another man.

DiazMadeMe BJTheWelshman -  Nice post.

War Bisping! Phone Post
Thanks mate, VTFU for that


Mr4NIK8R - lol @ using the word admire when talking about another man.
Is 'admire' too complicated of a word for your tiny mind to understand? 


Can't wait for this thread to be bumped Sunday morning, with explodingboy suddenly no where to be found.

How in shape does one need to be to lick boots? Phone Post

EB has them ^


This fight should be satisfying. Phone Post

Brilliant post, some really good points in there.  The Chael sack-swingers (he cant have nuthuggers) needed a good dose of reality like this. 

And yeah, keep posting that hendo gif, we took it back ages ago.

The birth of a monster


sevenwithcheese - Can't wait for this thread to be bumped Sunday morning, with explodingboy suddenly no where to be found.

Oh look, here you are yet again posting anti-Bisping stuff.  Mate, GET A LIFE.  Really, you are that bothered by seeing a guy like Bisping getting some success?  PATHETIC.

Your a troll, and a bad one at that.