Sonnen: Leg kicks aren't effective

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                                Sonnen: Leg kicks aren't effective

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"Look, if you can land 'em, good for you, but the bottom line is leg kicks aren't very effective. In kickboxing, guys quit kicking to the point where they had to institute a rule that forced them to throw at least three kicks per round. Kicks are a secondary offense but sure, if you can land 'em, why not."

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Lolwut Phone Post

Im guessing he never seen Aldo vs. Faber Phone Post

TheFlyingGentlemen - Im guessing he never seen Aldo vs. Faber Phone Post

Or Forrest/Rampage. Phone Post

has never fought Shogun

Worst part is it doesn't seem like he was trolling. He gave praise to JDS performance instead of saying that Cain made the mistakes and lost that fight.



 Really?  Sonnen thinks they still have a "minimum kicks per round" rule in kickboxing?

Apparently, he hasn't watched it since the 80s.

Gobulcoque - He's right for the most part. Very few fights have been decided by leg kicks and they shouldn't count for much on scorecards unless nothing else is going on ie, Shogun/Machida 1.

They are like a debuff from a video game that should allow you to set up other offense, they very rarely flat out win a fight.

Akiyama vs Belcher is the best example I can give where leg kicks shouldn't have won the fight, and didn't.

I see what your saying. But imo kicks are very effective. You just have to know how to utilize them. Jones isnt the best kicker but he was able to effectively utilities them against Rampage. Phone Post

 Neither is triangle defense, huh??

OftheWay -
TheFlyingGentlemen - Im guessing he never seen Aldo vs. Faber Phone Post

Or Forrest/Rampage. Phone Post

. Phone Post

I think kicks are only required in kickboxing when there are..... no legkicks.

video games? wtf. That's like saying body punches don't do anything. It's not just a KO that wins fights. The more things you have to defend against the more dangerous the fight.

Most superman punches are setup with some sort of leg kick or feint. It adds fatigue, and slows people down. How is it not effective?

FedorWand -  Neither is triangle defense, huh??

Rizzo vs Severn

Cro Cop vs Yoshida

Bas vs Warpath

How bout Sergei vs Ghita in K-1? That was brutal

Kicks are very effective Phone Post

How about rizzo-couture? Phone Post

Ruas vs Varelans!! :) Phone Post  

Do NOT anger the Rogan! Phone Post