Sonnen Tells Bellator How To 'Ruin' PFL's Potential Acquisition Francis Ngannou

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Chael Sonnen thinks that Bellator has a unique opportunity to spoil PFL’s rumored signing of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou.

The ongoing saga of possibly the most valuable free agent in the history of MMA has heated up considerably this week following Ngannou’s meeting with ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong. It was announced after the meeting that ONE Championship would not be submitting a final offer to the 36-year-old, which Ariel Helwani later indicated was due to Ngannou already being close to signing a deal with another MMA promotion.
“The Predator” has already met with several different organizations during his time as a free agent, but all signs this week seem to point towards him nearing a deal with the PFL.

Sonnen Suggests Bellator Should Break The News If The PFL Signs Ngannou

If Ngannou is in fact close to signing on with the PFL, Sonnen feels that Bellator should get the jump on the announcement and take away some publicity from the rival promotion.

“So Bellator and PFL know it’s not us,” Sonnen said on his Youtube channel. “One of them knows it’s not us, which means it’s them. Now Bellator in a year of Sundays is never going to go onto Twitter, they’re never going to go onto their social media and report something for the PFL. Their mind would never go there, ever. It’s exactly what they should do. It is exactly what they should do. Put out the logo, put out a date, put out the CEO if you want to. Put out the tweet and ruin the PFL’s party. Ruin it. It’s the exact thing that you should do, and the PFL should do that to Bellator.”
ONE Championship is set to make its United States debut this Friday with One Fight Night 10, but at the moment it’s clearly the PFL and Bellator that are vying for position as the #2 MMA promotion in North America behind the UFC. Bellator does boast a talented roster and even has several champions that would likely do well against opposition in the UFC, but as of late it seems like the PFL has been making some significant moves to grow its brand.
Any effort made by Bellator to spoil PFL’s Ngannou announcement would of course be reliant on the rumors actually being true, as currently there’s been no concrete news regarding the 36-year-old’s signature. “The Predator” has been a free agent since the beginning of this year, but there’s been some speculation that his value may drop the longer he postpones signing on with a new promotion.

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Ngannou is bad investment. The organization who signs him will get buzz for 1 or 2 fights at most even if he wins, then nobody would care about it. Secondly, obvious the guy isn’t motivated to fight but rather get a big paycheck and abandon ship. Surprising that businessmen of large organizations are even throwing that kind of money his way.

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Ngannou will be used to add legitimacy to their league. When he gets beat that league has the lineal MMA HW champ. That’s huge.


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Francis barely got the title from Miocic (they both went for kill but he got there first) and nearly lost to a newcomer who made a terrible mistake and let Francis, who’s not known for ground game, take him down. Same newcomer lost to Jon Jones within minutes and it wasn’t even close.

Francis was never the best HW in the world. He just beat the best HW, then ran away from rematch even though they were 1-1, then fought newcomer who was got owned by someone who’s never fought as HW. If Francis gets beaten, there nobody in right mind who’d state “our HW champ better than JBJ.”

It’s the lineal title and ngannou might get run through.

Listen HW is strong outside the UFC. Probably at least 2 maybe 3 or 4 of the top 5 HWs are likely outside the UFC right now… Ngannou getting destroyed would prove that.

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