Sonnen translation: "go join a gang b/c ur black"

IvanDrago - why do black people bawl so much? it was funny and not even racist. white people are in gangs too.

Incorrect, name me one white person thats in a gang..yeah thats what i thought

Silva will initiate him with the beating he's gonna give Sonnen. Bite the curb bitch!

pretty fuckin stupid in my opinion.

taking Chael's comments completely out of context and basically calling him a racist is fighter bashing IMO.


 "Well Chael is a republican and all republicans are racist"


fiercedragon - 
Peoria Athletic Club - bunch of slack-jawed faggots on this forum...

i'll vote up anyone that makes a 'PREDATOR' reference...
"If it bleeds you can kill it"


toshii - 
AnotherTMAguy - If Anderson Silva was white, would Chael have said that?
of course not.  But anderson is "black" and wears his hats sideways!!!  


 Silva's ethnicity = Brazilian

Silva's Race = Black

 Anderson isn't black, he's brazillian.

 Brazillian is more of a nationality then an ethnicity, no?

"Except Anderson isn't black......"



The only redeeming quality of this thread is that the mewling pea-brains who oppose President Sonnen managed to start accidentally insulting one another within the first ten posts due to mutual lack of reading comprehension.

Sonnenites, we are truly blessed to have opponents so weak.

I hated Sonnen at first, this makes me like him more. He's the Tracy Morgan of MMA

Sonnen is Republican.
Sonnen hates baggy pants, hats tilted to the side and earings.


The OP is a racist, did he mean only black people can join a gang?

The subtext of Sonnen's comments are certainly racist.

Miss inf0 -  oh the ironing


toshii -  Effectively what Sonnen said.  Not very appropriate for a UFC fighter or a budding politician to say.
This country is so full of pussies. Go watch Gran Torino...............................


Yeah, maybe Sonnen is a racist. i don't know if he is, but let's just say he is: does that make Anderson so much of a better person? Because he comes off like a fake douche to me many times, as well, especially after the whole Maia thing. 

All I know is that Anderson Silva is one of the most impressive athletes to ever put on a pair of little gloves but has not done a lot lately with both his in-ring performances and overall attitude. Whether or not Sonnen is picking at a stereotype, he's at least direct and entertaining. I don't condone racist remarks but I will admit, this coming from Sonnen doesn't come off as "racist" to me. It comes off more as a passing comment that a white dude from the NW thought was appropriate at the time, although it was a poor choice of words. 

I wouldn't worry about it. Anderson will certainly have his opportunity to shut him up about it. 

Im getting sick and tired of this...HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHING RACIST