Sonnen vs. Okami... WTF!

Is on the under card for UFC 104! Two top ten ranked fighters square off and we dont get to see it?

DANA Come on!!!!

i don't think sonnen will stand with okami... so prepare for 15 mins of lay n pray... i think okami takes the dec.

either way let us see it!

 is the search function broken?

and it is BS that the fight is on the undercard btw

Who's gonna "LNP" who?

Now that is a s/n bet s/n.


forget that. I dont want to see that fight for free. Chael is top 5 overrated in UFC. Okami is pretty good.


Since a lot of people appear to be hopping off the Maia bandwagon post-102, it's worth remembering Maia made Sonnen look like an absolute fool in their recent fight. It was beautiful.

id rather watch grass grow

Sonnen is top 10???


 Probably be a boring fight. I'm glad it's on the undercard!

its on the undercard because it will be boring and everyone knows it

Okami can't ever be bothered to actually fight til round 3, maybe they'll just show that after the main event

lol no kidding

Eyelasher - Sonnen =/= top ten MW


You guys seem to have no memory.  The guy fought only twice in 2008 and has yet to fight this year, all due to injury.  The UFC can't make the guy healthy.  If he'd stayed healthy he would have had his title shot long ago.  And after a guy has been off so long you don't want to give him a top guy his first fight back.  If they REALLY wanted him to lose then they'd give him one of the top 5 guys coming off the injuries.

So the blame is on Yushin, not the UFC.

dude...this fight is not for the fans..its to get okami off of the championship reality he should be fighting anderson instead of recycling dudes that anderson just ktfo or ctfo

Uh i think you got that mixed up, events like DREAM actually bother to stack most of their cards.

If this fight was scheduled for a DREAM card on HDNET @ 4 AM everyone would be all excited"