Sonnen vs Wand scuffle on TUF -GIF-

nice gif man.. VU

Wand cut him with an elbow.

This is exactly how the fight will go Phone Post 3.0

Look at chael beating on that guy Phone Post 3.0

Am I missing something? It's not up yet on my FightPass Phone Post 3.0

i slowed it down and wand's coach can be seen landing ~3 punches on chael's head and then someone on team sonnen blocks chael's arms and wand lands an elbow or two. chael landed 1 shot to wands head and 1 to his arm from what i could see.

Cain Gastelum -

holy crap that was fake

Said nobody... Phone Post 3.0

As real as it gets Phone Post 3.0

Cain Gastelum -

holy crap that was fake

what a fucking idiot Phone Post 3.0

It was 100% legit Phone Post 3.0

Cain Gastelum -

I could imagine the shitstorm from the ZUFFA shills if Bellator had something that looked identical to that "fight"

You're an idiot. U think if chael knew this was coming he'd wear flip flops? Phone Post 3.0

Too realz!!

At the end of episode 4 they show a clip of wand turning up late and drunk but it wasn't in episode 5, did it happen in episode 6? Shit is all over the shop Phone Post 3.0

TheEssence - This is exactly how the fight will go Phone Post 3.0
Yup. Nothing else to say. Phone Post 3.0

that was so cheap for that little turd to punch Chael from behind.

looked like an easy takedown.

kawapes -
teamquestnorth - As real as it gets Phone Post 3.0
Seriously, you've been promoting this like your paid to. You even made up some fake story about some 10 min clip u saw LOL Phone Post 3.0
Lol i did see it Phone Post 3.0

As real as a ring girls tits. Phone Post 3.0

Are people posting fake trolling or just mentally deficient?

Do you scrotes really think wand would do something like this for publicity?
The man is a legend but he is a mental midget and had clearly lost his marbles.

Chael is a shit stirrer, and wand is falling it hook line and sinker, exactly as chael wants.

Also, did that dede guy get jailed or at least fired? Wand was the first to put hands on chael and he did nothing, but said it wont happen again. This time wand came close so chael shoved him and squared up. 1 on 1 chael takes him down before this scumbag dede assaults chael from behind.

If this fight goes ahead chael wins by 15 min ground and pound or submission. Unless wands scumbag friend jumps in the cage midfight (wouldnt surprise me) Phone Post 3.0

Musashi - The fucking whores FAKED it.

No respect.

Fuck that crap.