Sonnon's New Article

Scott Sonnon asked me to let you guys know about his new article at "The Code"

Wiggy --

Here's the link for those too lazy to cut and paste, hehe: Sonnon ArticleThose pushups are hard as hell!SCRAP

Our firewall doesn't let me see the exercises. Could someone describe them?

I don't like struggling when I do something like that. Looks like I found another fun little exercise for my classes to suffer through. hahaha!


Hard? bah.. they're a blast, especially on a hardwood floor!

I find doing GTB pushups and squats a lot easier than regular pushups and squats. They don't tire me out.

I'm talking about the screw up pushups from GTB1.1 and the squats were you screw your knees in from GTB1.3, If your talking about the ones where you jump up and down on all fours like a frog then yes those ones are harder. Also holding the pushup position on GTB1.2 without the feet touching the ground is also hard.

How is the GTB seris?

Here's a quick gif I made for those that can't see these due to firewalls:Lat PushupScrew PushupSCRAP

Hey scrap,

how did you get those gifs on there? can you quickly explain how you did that? did you have to save them on your website first?


I downloaded the movie files, took a few stills out of the movies with Vegas Video, made the gif with Ulead Gif Animator, and then uploaded them to my website. ;)



thanks for the info

How's that?