Sons of Guns star indicted on 3 charges of rape

son of a gun

Kinda hard to believe this honestly. He seemed like a pretty good dude. Used to watch his show every night.

His daughter and her boyfriend (forget his name, he was on the show too) got hit with assault charges not too long ago. They looked pretty rough in those mugshot photos Phone Post 3.0

It's so surreal, I've known him for years.  Met Steph many times.  I knew of Chy but never met her, she lived with her mom.


But really, I never saw this coming.

The Thread Killer - LOL at the White Knights attacking this guy. If you watch porn than you need guys like this to keep the industry stocked with fresh girls. Where do you think the Tori Blacks of the world come from?

Appropriate screen-name.

Too soon brah.



Irony. How does it work?