sony trying to screw you with driveclub online

i told you before paying for online mulitplayer is a terrible idea.

microsoft showed it already last year with their diabolical ideas what they had in store for you with xbox live.

now sony is trying to do the same.

so what happens?

if you buy driveclub online( psn store) for 50 dollars. and you unscribe to ps+ then it is goodbye driveclub. yep that 50 dollars you paid for it is gone. even that the game is stored on your harddisk you cant use it anymore, because you dont have ps+ anymore.

that said, you can also buy the game for 60 dollars in a normal store and it is yours to keep, however paying 50 dollars for a game online,that is not yours is rediculous.

what is even more fun that rushy a guy that is the director of the game actually changed his former posts, because he promised something else. you can all enjoy the read at

why the hell wouldn't you have plus anyway if you have the free version? Who gives a shit, besides, the game director said he is trying to figure out whats going on.

It's such a weird move. The game is built around online play and social clubs. They obviously want to make sure people buy PS plus but if the game is awesome players are going to need to have plus to use the game to fullest anyways. Seems like an unnecessary move by Sony and the policy is not worth the backlash. Phone Post 3.0

When I want to drive cars fast, I just get in my car and drive recklessly around the neighborhood. Its so much more realistic. Highly recommend it over paying 50 dollars for fake driving simulators.


WTF does your comment have to do with anything based on this subject. the whole subject is not about driving fast cars but about how you get screwed over buying a game lol.

lay off the crackpipe for a while will you!

I am gonna check driveclub out but would rather they hurry up and do a gran turismo on the ps4. Phone Post 3.0

You obviously missed the entire point of my comment and I'm sitting here laughing my ass off about it.

The game can be played entirely offline but from everything that's been shown the online content it was makes it stand out.

I think there's a fear among people that this practice will become common in other games. It doesn't bother me, as I will have PS plus for the life of the system at least, but I get how it doesn't sit well with some people. Phone Post 3.0

I will just get it for free and have a few tracks to race on. No way I would pay 50 bucks for a digital copy that gets synced to my ps+. Buy a game that you don't really own = dumb. Phone Post 3.0

Peasant box acting like a peasant box. Phone Post 3.0

Seems sony fixed the problem,

UDATE: Our priority for DRIVECLUB is to enable you to play and enjoy everything it has to offer and PlayStation recognises that the prior plan for DRIVECLUB entitlement for the upgrade to the PS Plus edition was not appropriate. As a result, we have adjusted the PlayStation Plus terms for DRIVECLUB.

Good move Phone Post 3.0

They fixed it, change thread title so people stop getting pissed without reading here.

cant edit thread title only first 5 minutes. that said why change it?

sony should not have done this in the first place. good reminder on who is most important. that is right. us the customers!