Sony VAIO Laptops? Good or bad?

I was thinking of buying a thin & light laptop with a dedicated graphics processor and the SZ series from the Sony Vaio line caught my eye. Are Sony Vaio laptops ok? I've heard they're overpriced, but the little comparisons I've made, seem to indicate they may be only slightly more expensive or similar in price to laptops out there with comparable specs. I was looking at Dell's XPS M1210 as well? Any suggestions on what is better laptop to buy and are VAIO's dependable? Won't by Toshiba b/c they're crap in general IMO.

They've turned around in the last few years and I would give them the Fin stamp of approval.

Their support still has a little to be desired for, but they are quality built system.

I had the SOny Tr3A and that thing was a freaking monster for 10.6/3lbs...

My friend bought one about 2 years ago and the recently the
motherboard went to crap. I know he says he'll never buy one again
because of the lack of help/service on part of Sony.

Take what you want from his experience.