Well you know i tried to find someone disabled to grapple.So now whether you have 2 good legs or
not i will get in the ring with you.Whether people
agree with me competing or not i will never give up.
Once again thank you ug for your support email chuck xcf costello if interested.



His email is

I made this post for one reason the odds may be against
me but i will compete.Even if no one disabled will compete against me it ok.I love this sport because i
do not have full use of my legs will i let that stop
me from competing!!!





I know a guy that is mentally disabled who I took to compete in the Dungal submission tournament one time.

He had a freaking blast even though he lost his first match.

BTW, dude your the shit


That's great to hear, man!

TTT for the man, the myth, the legend, Duane "Crutchmaster Stevenson :)

I was wondering how disabled people could compete in this sport. Grappling would be more tricky but certainly doable.

Crutchmaster, what styles do you practice? All props to you, my friend. Good luck in achieving your goals.


I have been wrestling sense the 7th grade and i do
jiu jitsu.I am training my own fighters as well you
can do anything you set your mind too.I thank you chuck
for supporting me and trying to get me a match.


I know a guy that is mentally disabled, he is fighting Mir soon.

theres a one armed blackbelt that trains out of carlson gracie jr.s academy up in chicago

We're behind ya CrutchMaster! Email me when you get time.


Go get em Duane! Give me a call this evening when you get a chance. I got alot to do today, so I won't pick up until the evening.---Robert :)

TTT for the CrutchMaster!!

Go get 'em!