Sopranos Prequel Trailer: "The Many Saints of Newark"

The addition of the Richie Aprile character in season 2 makes things interesting. Never a dull moment when Richie’s around.

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Jesus fucking christ I’ve rewatched the sopranos 300 times and didn’t catch a decent of that.

So is the ea e riots gone cause Tony should have even been older that 4 buts he’s in hughschool in the previews…

Either way… What a way to start October


I hope they show Davey(Tony’s friend growing up who looses his sporting good buisnes played by Robert Patrick)


I hope those going to be loads of Easter eggs of show characters.

Looks like Pussy, Silvio and Paulie all feature heavily as you’d expect.

Bobby Bacala’s dad (Burt Youngs character) would be good as well as he was supposed to be this terrifying assassin in his prime


I have seen it once, but didnt even recall Sil and Pussy being from Jackie’s crew. Carlos you are a good man.

Should be plenty. The second trailer has a good one with the old lady’s reaction to baby Christopher crying when near Tony.

In a really interesting YouTube interview I saw with David chase he said he had to fight the temptation to add even more Easter eggs.

Edit - chase addresses this at 16:30


I have a 3 hour best of clips thing playing of my TV blasting cause I have my. Oculus on and I had to take it of cause I heard mustang Sally talking and what’s he look like… A fucking old man…

Pauly is about to stage that old bitch ow haha

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They should be shooting movie after movie asfar as I’m converted… The sopranos universe is huge… And let’s not even go into seeing ghosts and afterlife stuff


There’s so much room for two or three good sequels too


I don’t think we need sequels as eryone we know is dead. Besides Paulie and I’m going with the fan thought he knew Tony was going to get wacked from NY at the end…

Sil is a fucking veggie… I don’t see much story in besides prequels…

Just rewatched the second trailer… James soon is going to kill it… The baby thing with Christopher cause keeps more ghost and after life stuff into the lore

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And can all us sopranos diehards agree (chase let it slip too) Tony gets wacked at the end


Paulie cut a deal that he’s been trying for years and he finally got it.

It’s our own frank Vincent’s son still posting here? I’m sure he’s signed an NDA that’s not unlocked till airing

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Tony’s dead. Little Carmine took control of his family, with Butch as his underboss, and absorbed what was left of Jersey, as the two families were already joined at the hip over the esplanade and the port of Newark. Paulie took some sort of consigliere/senior capo position, to liaise between the two families.

There’s still a ton of money floating around, someone has to run those unions, the casinos, the girls, drugs, etc.

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He is totally dead. If you look at the sequence it goes back and forth to his point of view. When its his turn again it goes black.

I figured the ending was like just another typical plot line that didn’t go anywhere, like with the Russian guy escaping…

But since James is dead, I don’t guess it matters

You’re clearly retarded then. Just watch Marvel movies or something.


There was a brilliant blog years ago that broke the finale scene down excellently and gave a compelling case for Tony getting killed before Xhase even confirmed it

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I have that bookmarked.

Heavy spoilers


Wood love to help u bone up.

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Bingo - that’s it

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