Soriano to Nationals?!@?!?!?

wtf - this is the most bizarre off-season!

texas got alot for him too.

Interesting, I'm curious what is gonna happen. Soriano has made it clear dozens of times that he will not play the outfield. Yankees tried to get him to play center, Buck tried to get him to play center, no luck anywhere. Nationals have Vidro, so I'm wondering what is going to happen. I don't know what Preston Wilson's contract status is either (Nationals current center fielder).

Anyways, Soriano hit .224 I believe, away from Arlington last year. Good luck to him hitting in RFK for 81 games.

I'm pretty sure Preston Wilson is a free agent. Maybe they plan to move Vidro to 3rd, since his range has deteriorated so much.....but is still better than Vinny Castilla's.