Sorry Josh, this song doesn't work.

Too much screech owl styled metal for a good entrance song.

intense guitar work > singing Phone Post 3.0

Fist of the North Star FTW

it works for the Japanese, did you hear that opening cheer?

Didn't think it went over that well. Did I miss that?

Lol. Phone Post 3.0

Dude, it's the theme to Fist of the North Star. This was the pioneer of fighting animus and a classic. It definitely works in Japan. Josh is a huge fan. Phone Post 3.0


Sorry guys, MODS DELETE THREAD! Phone Post 3.0

Op is not a real mma fan!!

OP never watched Fist of the Northstar? Boo this man. Phone Post 3.0

Mods don't ever delete this thread. People should learn to not make shit threads. Phone Post 3.0

Kindly - OP never watched Fist of the Northstar? Boo this man. Phone Post 3.0


OP do you even PRIDE bro?

op is a dumbfuck Phone Post 3.0

Card -

Fist of the North Star FTW

Ooh. Off topic, but realized why in Fallout NV the deathclaw hand you get is called "Fist of North Rawr" now. Alrighty, nice Phone Post 3.0


Sorry you guys but fuck that game, fuck that song and most of all fuck the mods for not deleting this thread! Phone Post 3.0

Does op even pride? Phone Post 3.0

O.O Phone Post 3.0

Song is catchy...


...HeyMarkIt1886 is already dead!!

Though I will agree that, sometimes, intense guitar work is better than singing in metal. Just finished listening to "Orion" by Metallica. One of their best, in my opinion.
I think Slayer proved a loooong time ago that you can have both in the same song, though. Hell, Maiden and Priest did before them.

Also, Metallica doesn't exist after ...And Justice For All. Just sayin.