Sorry UG. I tried but got tired myself out

I thought I KOd him, and got over excited, thus gassing myself. I wasnt out at the end at all, I was just so tired. I wanted to keep fighting. I hope it was exciting and I will do it again if they let me.

You did really good and I look forward to watching you fight again. That was a great back and forth battle.

 great fight man

The bigger question is will you be jumping over any bonfires tonight with King Casey and his crew?

Seriously, great match. Entertaining as hell and definitely FOTN!

 You made a great fight.

 Great sucks blowing the wad trying to finish early.


Really fun match. Looking forward to your next one no matter where it may be, but hopefully it's again with SF.

Great fight, thought you had him at the beginning but he was really tough. No shame hope to see you in there very soon

Adrenaline dumps suck.

Nothing to be ashamed of and great fight.

 Great fight Apple. Looking forward to your next fight

NO FIGHT video??

 Yeah, 21 seconds into the fight you take a big breath and you can tell you are trying to get your wind. Someone might ask how can a fighter can get winded that fast, but its the same as a sprinter huffing and puffing after a 10 second race. You knocked him down and went for it, which was the right thing to do. Maybe held your breath a little when you where going for the KO? To me it made sense to go for it, as opposed to being methodical and letting him recover without really testing him. Very exciting fight. I was rooting for you. I like the style you try to use, being well rounded, multi-deminsional and agressive.

 youre the man apple

 No apologies necessary.  Exciting fight.  Will definitely be on the lookout for your next bout.


definitely don't see any need to apologize. it just wasn't your night.

Great fight man.