George STiropolous won his last fight in convincing fashion..we all saw what Anthony Johnson did to Speer, so lets see these two go at it...i think Johnson wins by KO again but who knows..

whatcha think?

 I'd like to see it. Hell, I just want to see both of these guys fight again. Both have a ton of potential.

 What's Anthony Johnson's wrestling background?

^^i dunno but that doesnt really matter much when it comes to stuffing takedowns..just look at Crocop, seems like johnson id developing a very good sprawl to go with his standup game...3 fights in the ufc, 2 KOs.....

who else to fight johnson right now that 'makes sense'??hmm.......


"there are plenty of disposible, but tough 170's out there...why do people always want to match up potential contenders early on? makes absolutely no sense"

To separate the wheat from the chaff. Why shouldn't they match them up and see what happens? You really think it's better to match them up against no-hopers to build up meaningless records? They're both in the UFC, they should be expected to perform at a high level. It's a perfectly sensible matchup to make.

^ that would make sense if being in the UFC meant you were top of the MMA food chain... which is what its suppossed to be, and marketed by them as... but it clearly isnt. there is plenty of guys that dont even belong in the UFC while alot of great fighters will never get there

Like stated above, since they are building records/experience in the UFC no reason to throw them into the fire at the get go and kill any potential career they may have before it even starts

"PLENTY of disposible 170ers that you could match up with either guy to give them legitimate tests and experience."

Like who? I mean, come on man, you make it out like the loser has his career ruined forever. That's bullshit. This is MMA, you can survive a loss. One of the things people always complain about with boxing is that the prospects fight endless nobodies. Do we really want MMA to start conforming to that standard?

 considering Clementi choked Johnson the fuck out my guess is that George would whoop his ass...

That's another point. Neither guy is guaranteed to become a title contender. Foregoing matching them up to preserve potential imaginary future title shots seems a little ridiculous.

Johnson took the CLementi fight on less than 2 weeks notice...

 Have him fight Chris Lytle...seeing is I think he beat the current 170 champion.

 As much as this pains me I would have to agree with Tomato Can on this thread...

The fans need to be taught that fighting to win and fighting top guys is more important than actually winning all the time and having unblemished records. That's not what MMA is about and it's not even really possible in MMA. GSP being the perfect example. Even Chuck's turnaround vs Randy...endless examples.

Johnson can be a force in time.

George by RNC

johnson looked great... id like to see how george would approach this

 AJs Myspace blog...

  Anthony "RUMBLE" Johnson's Blurbs
About me:

What up my name is Anthony"Rumble"Johnson. Born and raised by my grand parents in Dublin,Ga on a small farm.

I've always been a athlete and still one today. started playing sports when I was 8 years old football,track,baseball,and wrestling. I let baseball go it got boring but stuck with football and wrestling(track got old also).

I was the 1st person from GA to win a national title in wrestling coming outta high school and i set the school record for the most wins in a row 104 wins in a row. I was a 2x state runner-up and 2x state champion. I took the wrestling scholarship thats how ended up in cali. I won the national title in college also and my team was 2nd at the national championships.

After college i started training MMA i started with Ken Shamrock damn that didnt last long im so glad i left. Then i moved to Los Angeles,Ca to train with Chute Boxe USA but they didnt last long either so much drama. I'va trained with some of the best like wanderlei Silva,Shogun Rua,Ninja Rua,Evan Tanner,Shonie Carter,and Rigan Michado.

I had my 1st MMA fight august 16th in LA I knocked out the guy in 1 minute 9 secs then had a 4 man tournament in Denver,Co. I had to fight 2 guys in 1 night I also won that.

After that a couple months later the UFC signed me they called me in a week notice of the fight. I had 23lbs to cut in 1 week to make the weight. I fought at the hard rock in Hollywood,Fl Ultimate Fight Night 10. I had a 13 sec KO of Chad Reiner.

And I had my 2nd fight at UFC 76 in Anaheim,Ca and lost to Rich Clementi, fuck, I tried to cut 33lbs in a week for that fight i fight 170LBS weight class but came up short. Word of advise never try to cut that much weight in a week!!! I lost fare and square but i was so weak and he knew it. But the 1st round i dropped him and the start of the 2nd round. Half way through the 2nd round i was so gassed i couldnt defend anything. He beat me with a choke but I still put on a good show to the fans at UFC 76.

Now i'm getting into the pitbull game. I've had a pit for 3 years now but really just starting to get into the game gonna start my own kennel. I already have 4 pits so watch out for them.


Much love to everyone.