Soul Singer Sharon Jones Passes Away.....

Crap, she was awesome.
Pancreatic cancer sucks.
I'm going to go listen to some Dap-Kings right now.

Not many fans on here I see. 

Just saw her in Luke Cage. She was awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit! I'm a fan. She was amazing live. Menahan Street Band (who is really just the Dap Kings) opened, then Charles Bradley, then Jones and the Dap Kings. Charles Bradley came out to do some duets with Jones. It was an amazing show. Phone Post 3.0

RIP Phone Post 3.0

Sad news. I just saw her in September and it was a great show. Phone Post 3.0


100 days, 100 nights is an awesome album. Hell all their albums are awesome. Phone Post 3.0

They were playin her all night at the soul/funk spot I was at tonight. Chick was great Phone Post 3.0

Just listened to some of her songs.

Really talented.


She and the Daptones were great. Sad that she's gone. 

We all get taken out by something. I'm happy she was able to realize her dream. Most of us won't be able to say that. Maybe her life was shorter, but it was sweeter than most. 


Saw her at Sasquatch festival a while back. Blew my fucking mind , she was amazing. 

Need some videos in this thread. Anyone know how to post them?

The documentary:

Great songs: