Sound Off: Veteran List

amourer 77-87

 these dumb fake fighting fucks made me miss the first 5 mins of Psych


COD prestige 

vincan469 -

amourer 77-87

Is this Army with a spellcheck?

Dirtywhiteboy -


For what branch?

USMC 89 - 93

USCG 99 - present

US Navy '88 - '94

US Army

11B Infantry 101st Airborne 1990-1992 and Berlin Brigade 1992-1994

Thank you all for your service. You are appreciated more than you know. 

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Army 1999-2011, Iraq 2008, Purple Heart / CAB


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USAF - 2000 to 2004

US Army - 2012 to 2018

12B grunt with a shovel, ft. leonard wood for more years than i want to remember, reluctant to say more as i have already encountered some creepy stalkers on here

Ive got nothing but can my dad go.on the list? Jk. Respect to all of you. One big regrets was not joining but I probably would have been. Maybe I'd have been a decent JAG lawyer. We have a few at my work. 

props to all of you.

Thank You to all the UG/OG vets

USCG 2000-present

Avionics electrical technician

3VP Canadian Army

Marine Corps

USMC 8 years