I have concrete ceilings and for some reason sound is still coming through. I can hear them walking and they can hear me blasting my music or jre. Is there any way to fix this? 

Egg cartons and carpet

buy a house, then you can complain about your neighbors dog barking

Sound proofing isn't the only thing you need to worry about when making a kill chamber.

It's impossible. Just ask ZNED. A pitfall of living in mulit-unit dwellings.

for sound proofing, you need to build a room within a room. sans that.. look up acoutic tiles. acoustic foam. there is sound deadening drywall..

fyi - egg cartons is a myth.. acoustic foam is shaped like egg cartons

Who are you planning on raping?

tbh, the amount of money it would cost to totally sound proof a rented apartment you could put on a down payment for a house and be as loud as you want.

Ball gag is cheaper

Green Glue and 3x dense sheetrock.

What do you do with the bodies?

reelfoot - What do you do with the bodies?

Let them hit the floor