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Hey guys,The soundground site needs help! If you have any original music to show off, some tracks you want to collaborate on, or a cool song you want posted follow the link below. All we have at the moment are a few cools tunes by Mangler13 and my brothers band - there is space for a lot more. A lot of stuff that 'was' there is now deleted, probably because the site changed owners.Link To IntructionsI've had a little trouble uploading lately, the trick is if you load a song and it only comes up as 0.01 meg or something go to the upload page and hit 'edit' then upload the song again. Pain in the ass I know, but its free.

Everytime I've gone to that site for the past month ( at least ) it says the song hosting service is down for maintenance.

I deleted all the songs that were once in the PolarBear folder btw ;^)

Oh, so thats where they went!

Its up again now, its just a little slow. For some reason it seems to work better with netscape.

I'll add a new song of mine shortly