Soup request - dark mahogany home libraries

Or a den if you must.  I made thread like 5 years ago but I'm jonesin bad bro.  The darker the better.  Don't put ones with big spinning globes too early in thread. Don't wanna bust too soon 


If you call it a Study I am gonna have to fingerblast myself

ShanTheMan -

If you call it a Study I am gonna have to fingerblast myself

Don't get in on my decanter 

My goal in life is to have many leather bound books, and for my home to smell of rich mahogany 

Like this dark? 

He's busy in another thread handling some much more important mohogany issues

The "Skywalker Ranch" — film producer George Lucas' private retreat — houses a research library with a magnificent glass ceiling dome in Nicasio, California. Though the ranch is not open to the public, filmmakers can make an appointment to visit.

Complete with wall-length windows, this library lives below a lofted hangout space inside a private studio in Seattle, Washington. The owner can slide down from the loft to the library using a built-in gold pole.


Located in inventor Jay Walker's home in Ridgefield, Connecticut, this 3,600-square-foot library features multiple staircases and over 30,000 books, maps, charts, and pieces of artwork.

Designed by Gianni Botsford Architects in Costa Rica, this private backyard library has its own entrance and deck leading out from the main house.

The books in this London library are hidden in a wooden staircase, which leads up to a lofted bedroom. Levitate Architects designed the library as a solution to the residents' book-storage problem (the staircase can hold about 2,000 volumes).

Need more intimate and darker 

I’m close

The home library inside this $18 million Manhattan townhouse, which serves as a three-unit co-op, stretches two flights. When it was built in the 1930s, it was home to the Hans Hoffman Art School.


Spiral staircase is a must. 

Richard Macksey, a professor and director of the humanities department at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, owns a home library with over 70,000 books and manuscripts. It's one of the largest private collections in Maryland.

Inspired by the process of creating the 30,000-volume library for his 15th century home in Loire, France, writer Alberto Manguel wrote an entire book pondering the meaning of libraries, called "The Library at Night."