Soup Request: Monica Bellucci

In honor of her casting in the new Bond flick, I'd like to celebrate what I believe is the GOAT hottie. I searched for her before making this, and was amazed there are no other threads dedicated to her. I'll start (if a blue will help), but hope to see many new contributions (someone wanna photoshop this one??? please??)

In Phone Post 3.0

This thread has been done 500 times.

Here's to 500 more!

Has it? I searched...but then again, I'm a lowly mudder

. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

My all time #1. VTFU OP Phone Post 3.0

She was the OG favourite for years.

But time waits for no dime :( Phone Post 3.0

Thanks SL! I knew there had be one and tried spelling it several different ways. Do super muds like you (can post images) have the ability to search differently than regular muds?

Too bad Soup's contributions on that thread don't work anymore, especially the link to her sex scene vids...for research of course


She's easily on my all-time top five, but I don't know who the other 4 are...And she still looks amazing, even if she's 50 and a mom